Jim, 32.

Initially I thought this program wasn’t for me because I haven’t got a partner. This in fact turned out to be the exact reason the program was perfect for me.

The experiments are set up so that you can do them as an individual practice. Then when you meet your next partner you are ready for them.

I finally met someone a month ago, and I was completely prepared and I was able to make love in such a way that she was saying “the best ever”. Guess what… She is still with me today and every time we have sex she is still saying it's, “the best ever”.

I recommend this to any male who is single or in a relationship. It's amazing!

Lyn, 39.

I really enjoyed this Tantra course. It was taught from a woman’s and a man’s perspective. I find this unique because other courses are usually taught from one perspective.

I really related to the practices Diane gives for women. And my husband found Kerry’s approach down to earth and really easy relate to.

The course addressed all our needs in lovemaking and introduced us to some of the most amazing experiences that we never knew were possible. I can’t recommend this course enough!

Pete and Christine, Married 11 years. (54 & 49 yrs)

My Partner and I decided to do the course together. With Kerry and Diane as a couple teaching together the underlining beauty of love and support for committed couples really came across.

The skills that we liked the best were about keeping love and sexual passion alive in relationships. Our marriage is stronger than ever!

Thank you very much. You saved our love life!

Dave and Linda, Together for 2 years.

Knowing Kerry and Diane have been together for over 20 years shows that they know what it takes to keep the passion alive. I would say their specialty is committed couples.

So this program is perfect for couples who want the best.

Paul, 41.

The only disadvantage of not attending one of their workshops personally is that I didn’t get to meet Kerry and Diane. However, the way they do the Mp3’s it really feels like they are in the room. They are very professional, down- to- earth and easy to listen to.

Their character and who they are come across really clearly. Not only that, you get all the material. The workbook, the key points from the MP3’s, the questions, the relevance to your life and the experiments. Probably more than we would possibly get in a live situation.

If the course were just notes like other correspondence courses I have taken in other areas I think we would have missed out on the lot.

But with this Tantra course you get everything!!!

Jake, 28.

I’m single at the moment. I just spilt up a few months ago. Sex was good, but often I’d be struggling to hold back my ejaculation so that I couldn’t really enjoy it.

I’d have to keep stopping and she would get frustrated. I started the Tantra course and I can completely confirm that all the skills work.

There is a large section ‘Sexual Secrets that all Women would like their Man to Know’. This part of the course has changed my life. The ejaculation control techniques really work. Also the processes really allowed me to integrate the skills so it has become easy.

The course only took me a few weeks, and I’m a busy man. I think the key for me to really take the information in, was being able to listen to the Mp3’s. I would listen to them every morning on my way to work. So every morning I would be doing my PC exercise. It’s amazing how much I have improved in such a short time.

I met a girl just last week, and well our lovemaking sessions go for as long as I choose, or as long as she can handle. My confidence is up, and at the moment I feel like a sex guru.

I am so glad I made the decision to do this course. All I can say is I wish I got onto this earlier, but better now than never.

I would like to thank the Australian School of Tantra for putting the great program together.

Trish, 48.

“It was a revelation that sex could be such a sacred thing. I really felt a healing happen inside of me as a woman that I was being honoured, not just a sexual object or my sexuality to be used for someone else’s needs.”

Julie, 37.

I just purchased the course last week and the first thing I read was the bonus “Pleasuring him with tantric strokes”.

All I can say is I gave him a night he will never forget. I actually felt like a Tantric Goddess. I can't wait to get into the course.

Thank you.

Peter, 41.

When my wife eventually wants to be intimate with me again, I'll be ready!

There you go, the proof speaks for itself, doesn't it?

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"How much would you spend on a night out with your partner or on a date? $200, $300... The cost of the course is less then that and the satisfaction you get is incomparable"

Gary and Diane
Married for over 12 years

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