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Discover How To Make the Time and Plan for Love.

I want to explain in more detail the importance of making the time and planning for love. It has added so much to my lovemaking with Diane and to the lovemaking of those to whom we have introduced it, especially busy couples. Diane and I have been married since 1979.We have three children and a successful business, but we spend hours making love because we give our relationship number one priority. We know how much lovemaking supports our marriage so we organise our calendar to find the time.

I haven’t got the time’ means something else in your life is more important. Yet I promise when you are in your eighties, when your body does not work or look like it used to, when you get an erection only once a week and when you come you barely feel it, you will wish that you had spent more time loving and making love when you were younger.

Are you always too busy providing for the family to enjoy the ultimate act of intimacy? Do not miss it! Do not put it off! Do not come up with excuses! Find the time for this greatest of God’s gifts – the ability to make love.

I suggest you plan a weekend away together at least six times a year. Don’t go away to sightsee or shop or to try out the restaurants the place has to offer. Take your own food and wine and lock yourself in your room.

People often go away for a weekend and only make love at night as they normally do. Plan the weekend to try out the things you have read in this book. Perhaps Saturday could be her day to try the things she wants to and Sunday could be your day. Even planning and anticipating what you want to do will bring back the sizzle.

As I have mentioned earlier, there are a lot of resistances to planning sex and putting aside the time because this is not spontaneous or ‘natural’. So very often sex takes low priority in everyday life because it is not the exciting, special happening it used to be in the early days. It is ironic that people spend so much time and energy preparing for other activities and occasions. They put these events on their calendars, organise their business and family around them, wear their best clothes and go to the hairdressers, yet they cannot find the time to make love. Surely lovemaking, which is potentially the most intimate event two human beings can share together, deserves the same amount of preparation and anticipation.

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