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Discover How To Awaken the G-Spot with Tantra.

As with Jewel Honouring, this is a technique that honours sexual pleasure but at the same time you bring in your open-heartedness, your love and your consciousness about using lovemaking as a sacrament.

Most of you will have heard about the G-spot so I will concentrate on teaching you how to awaken it for your partner. The G-spot was named by a German gynaecologist, Dr. Grafenberg.

A book called The G-spot,1 published in 1982, described the location of this spot. However, the problem around that time was that there was little understanding of how this area functioned and a lack of knowledge about how to awaken it. Once the media got hold of the information, men often got the impression that it was a simple matter of stimulating this point and the woman would orgasm. So a lot of men started searching around the yoni, looking for this magic button. In most cases they were disappointed. Very often the man would refer to a drawing of a vagina in a book, then literally poke around looking for the point. After about five minutes of this, his partner would start to feel like an object and get annoyed. He would get frustrated because he couldn’t find it or couldn’t get her to feel any pleasure and they would end up in conflict. So many men and women gave up looking for the G-spot. There has been much written and talked about the G-spot in the last ten years, but we find that our clients, even though they may have experimented from time to time, usually after reading an article, still haven’t experienced all that they thought might happen. Mostly this is because they haven’t persisted for long enough or didn’t have the best knowledge and practices of the art of awakening this sacred art of a woman’s body.

I hope the sexual secrets I offer here will change all that because there is so much potential contained in this area for expanding a woman’s sexual pleasure, for healing past insecurities and guilt or negative residue attached to her sexuality, for her to move from one orgasm to many orgasms in the one session and for her to experience deeper, longer and more intense orgasms than she does now.

The G-spot was not discovered by Dr Grafenberg. Ancient Tantric writings offer much information on the existence of this area. Many Tantric teachers refer to this area as a sacred spot. They say the clitoris and the G-spot are like the North and South Pole of the woman’s pleasure centre or the yang and the yin of the second energy centre, the sexual chakra. The location of the sacred spot varies considerably from woman to woman. Sometimes it’s deeply set about 7–10cm (23/4–4in) inside the yoni on the upper wall behind the pubic bone. For others it is only about 2.5cm (1in) inside the vagina. The area often feels ridged and the spot often swells during sexual arousal. It can feel like a small pea under your finger or sometimes much larger.
To give a woman pleasure through the sacred spot, don’t poke around the yoni looking for a button, but stroke the whole sacred spot area. Only stimulate the area after the woman has been highly sexually aroused or perhaps after she has already had an orgasm. Most women don’t get much pleasure from this area until this happens and that’s why premature searching around for the G-spot doesn’t work.

The first time you try to awaken the G-spot I strongly suggest you see this as a pleasuring session rather than an orgasmic session. Orientate your thoughts and intention towards pleasure, loving, healing and awakening of the sacred spot rather than towards orgasm and performance goals. Once you can do this successfully and your woman is highly charged by your stroking of the sacred spot area, then you can explore its orgasmic potential.

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