Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course available as a hard copy?

Yes. Due to request we have now made the course available as a hard copy. When you purchase a hard copy of the course you also get the DVD "The Secrets of Sacred Sex". The course will be delivered within 10 working days.

What format is your workbook and audio files in for the electronic course?

Our electronic workbook is an electronic book (e-book). It is not a hardcopy. It is in PDF format. Our Audio files are in Mp3. Not a CD.

So After purchase, you immediately download them from our secure server. Both the PDF format and Mp3 are universal. The PDF format is Adobe's universal cross-platform "portable document format." You need their free utility to view and/or print it. It is on 90% of all computers.

If not you can get it by clicking here and following the Step 1, 2 and 3 instructions to install this free utility on your computer. If you have a problem with this, we can email you the workbook in a word document.

Also for a speedy download all files have been compressed into a zip file. To unzip a file simple double click on it or right click and select "Extract All" or "Extract". If you don't have an unzipping program (90% of computers do) you can get a free copy by clicking here or copying this link below into your browser:

Why would i purchase an e-course and not a hard copy?

Simple. Because you will receive it immediately. As soon as your payment is received you can start downloading the course. Which means you will be discovering this amazing course instantly.

Why is the course cost in Australian dollars?

Because we are based in Australia and our payment gateway processes in Australian currency. To check out the price in your own currency click here.

What purchase name will appear on my credit card bill?

When you buy the course with your credit card via our secure server, your bill will simply say "Tantra Way,"nothing more. If you would like pay by cheque, money order or bank deposit please email us and we will give you the details.

Who is New Tantra Way?

Tantra Way - "Taking You To The Next Level" , is a newly formed sole trader.

Our goal is to promote life developing and positive changing products to the internet.

How do I download the course?

Once your credit card details have been confirmed (usually takes 30 seconds or less). You will be directed to a secure download page. Once at this page all you have to do is right click on the links. You will be asked where you want to save the files on your computer, Make sure you choose somewhere you will remember. Click save and the files will be instantly downloaded to your computer.

We recommend you have a ASDL, Cable or high speed internet connection. Because ach Audio file is about 9 mg. This may take a while to download on a dial up connection.

I'm skeptical of your wild claims. How can we believe Kerry and Diane’s credibility?

We can't blame you for being skeptical. When you've felt powerless for so long about your sex life, even proven claims and documented testimonials are hard to swallow. However, Diane and Kerry are world recognised Tantra teachers. They have studied and taught in this field for 25 years. They guarantee that this course will improve your love life. You can also check out there information at or do a google search on them.

I'm not sure I want to purchase from just reading your web page.

Then email us. Click here and Kerry and Diane will answer any of your questions.

Is your course really worth it?

No, if you were to physically come and do this course it would cost over $1000. But because Kerry and Diane don’t have the overheads they are offering it to you at such an amazingly low price. And if you think $177 is a lot of money. How much do you value your marriage or how much would you spend on a dinner date with a potential sex partner?

Is this course just for couples?

Absolutely not. This course is designed for couples and singles. For couples it’s a great way to discovering new ways to add new energy to your love life and deepen your relationship together, physically, emotionally and spiritually. And for singles, this is in fact why the program is perfect for you.

The experiments are setup so that you can do them as a individual practice. Then when you meet your next partner you are ready for them. Imagine what your future partner will think when you show her/him these skills!

How does it work?

When you purchase the course you download 8 audio files (Mp3's) and one workbook & bonuses.

The Mp3’s have been designed to allow individuals to work at their own pace. This is one of the advantages of taking the program this way. Some people may casually do the course over a year and others may want to develop it as soon as possible and complete it within a few days.

Please Note:
The original program was taught over four weeks with one week in between to practice the skills, complete the experiments and implement what you have developed into your love life.
If you would like to adapt this formula then the following sequence is suggested.

The Mp3’s are numbered 1 to 8. Each module has two Mp3’s

1. Listen to Mp3 no.1 and Mp3 no.2

  • Read the corresponding section in the workbook (section 1 & 2 ‘An Exploration into Tantric lovemaking)
  • Take one week to practice and repeat the exercises regularly.
  • Throughout that week complete the questions and experiments.
  • List the results so far.

Then Continue:

2. Listen to Mp3 no.3 and Mp3 no.4 Take the week to implement in your life as above.
3. Listen to Mp3 no.5 and Mp3 no.6 Take the week to implement in your life as above.
4. Listen to Mp3 no.7 and Mp3 no.8 Take the week to implement in your life as above.

This way the whole program will be completed in four weeks. For the best results it is important to integrate each section before moving on to the next section. It may be tempting to want all the information first, however this is a practical course and remember it was taught over 4 weeks with each week in between to practice what you’ve learned.

The week in between is essential to assimilate the information and apply it into your life. Tantra is about “Expansion”: expanding the ways you think about love and sexuality and of course expanding the ways you experience love and lovemaking. It is also about integration, making it part of your life in a real way, thus vastly improving the quality of love and romance in your life.

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"How much would you spend on a night out with your partner or on a date? $200, $300... The cost of the course is less then that and the satisfaction you get is incomparable"

Gary and Diane
Married for over 12 years

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A section taken from Diane Riley’s book on Sexual Secrets for Women. This e-book is about treating your man, Diane covers every thing a woman would want to know, how to give your man an experience he has never had before. These are the secrets of Diane’s 20 years of research in the area of the goddess and Tantra.

What’s going on in sex’ is a 25 page e-book. It is part of a four part lecture series on sex and relationships.

An article on tantric lovemaking, where it comes from and how we can use this knowledge today, discovering ways of opening the heart in tantric lovemaking, turning sex into a sacred experience and exploring heightened states of ecstasy.

A small e-book on Love, Sex and Relationships. Workshop facilitators Kerry and Diane Riley expose old myths in regard to relationships, and share ways in which to create harmony through a unique Bonding Process they have developed.