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"How much would you spend on a night out with your partner or on a date? $200, $300... The cost of the course is less then that and the satisfaction you get is incomparable"

Gary and Diane
Married for over 12 years

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Every month receive the amazing Tantric Sex Tips Gold Members subscription straight to your inbox

A section taken from Diane Riley’s book on Sexual Secrets for Women. This e-book is about treating your man, Diane covers every thing a woman would want to know, how to give your man an experience he has never had before. These are the secrets of Diane’s 20 years of research in the area of the goddess and Tantra.

What’s going on in sex’ is a 25 page e-book. It is part of a four part lecture series on sex and relationships.

An article on tantric lovemaking, where it comes from and how we can use this knowledge today, discovering ways of opening the heart in tantric lovemaking, turning sex into a sacred experience and exploring heightened states of ecstasy.

A small e-book on Love, Sex and Relationships. Workshop facilitators Kerry and Diane Riley expose old myths in regard to relationships, and share ways in which to create harmony through a unique Bonding Process they have developed.